Intelligent, Full-Hearted 

Human Resources Specialist

Marta helps you clear out the clutter to get to the bottom of what's driving you and what you need to move forward. Even more important, she can help you to create the actual accountability that is needed to advance with clarity, purpose and resolve. She will help you to stay focused, to keep weekly commitments, and to get where you're going faster, smarter, and in a way that feels genuine and true.
Jeremiah Kalendae., M.Div., M.S.S.A. 
Spiritual Counselor/Unitarian Minister
Marta is a kind and patient coach. She's able to guide me through my moments of confusion and frustration with gentle tenacity, and help me brainstorm new approaches to old problems. I always feel heard and respected by Marta, and look forward to our time together.
Melanie F.
Award-Winning Writer/Non-Profit Executive & Fundraising Consultant
Marta brings both a peaceful presence and a razor-sharp mind to her work. She helps me to feel focused and clear. When I’m down and feeling beaten, she helps me to breathe renewed life into my commitments. Most of all she has helped me to reconnect to my own inner wisdom always reminding me of the power of my own heart and mind. I’m a stronger, more confident, more capable version of myself as a result of our relationship. 
Laura M. 
V.P. at a Los Angeles REIT
Marta Abel is aptly named: she’s able to deeply listen to the stories we tell ourselves, and break them down into bite sized pieces that can be tackled, resolved. You can literally feel her listening, that’s how profoundly she listens. She’s able to see the world, issues and challenges with a fresh, unexpected perspective, a point of view that absolutely wouldn’t have occurred to you on your own, like a new strategy for managing the emotions of major life events. Brilliant! And she’s able to access a unique brand of intuition that’s helped me get to the essence of what I really want, and to see how to get there. Marta is truly gifted for this work!
Gordon W.
Successful Serial Entrepreneur
I had the pleasure of training and coaching with Marta over the course of several months. I was impressed with her ability to hold space and create a warm and safe environment for insight to emerge. I know she's hearing what is being expressed beneath and beyond just my words and can quickly cut to the heart of the matter with kindness and wisdom. I recommend Marta to anyone who is sincerely ready to look inwards with honesty and vigor and is ready for transformation.
Peter Harriss 
Financial Coach,