Let's close the gap
between you
and your full potential.

About me

I come to coaching naturally, after several years in healing professions – as a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and yoga teacher – and a career helping ground-breaking social enterprises enhance their reach through innovative events and communications.

I studied at both Williams College and Rutgers University, where I was fortunate enough to study exactly what I wanted in a program of my own design.

After graduation, I landed my dream job in San Francisco, where I was inspired by the movement to use finance and business as tools for social and ecological benefit. I was proud of my work to help people connect their money with their values, and I enjoyed the richness of a community dedicated to purposeful innovation.

Several years in, though, I realized that - despite having a purposeful job with great benefits, great colleagues and great clients in the city of my dreams - something was missing for me. I was feeling pulled to not just excel in a job but to truly pursue my calling. While I had thought this would be through social enterprise work, I discovered that, for me, it was actually through very personal work. I am grateful to have received my coaches' training through the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California.

After years of having tried to fit myself into a box (and having some very out-of-the-box, diverse experiences along the way), I finally followed my heart and stepped into my role as a coach. I bring my intellect, my refined sense of intuition and insight, as well as the whole bevy of coaching skills and techniques to this work. As my clients create meaningful, powerful change in their lives and in their world, I know I made the right choice to step off the "go-go-go" treadmill and forge my own path.

My very first job (okay, second job - after babysitting) was also as a coach – a high school debate coach. I enjoyed nurturing and challenging young people’s intellects, and helping them develop their persuasion, writing and research skills. Each team I coached earned national awards many times over.
Now, even more than nurturing intellect, I treasure nurturing the whole of my clients - helping you to grow, develop and find greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life. 

About my work

Often people come to me when they are stuck or in a deep transition in one part – or many parts – of their lives. They need support and guidance as they discover and plan their next moves.
Coaching provides a powerful structure specifically designed to help you develop clarity in decision-making, enhance your self-awareness and self-management, and get out of your own way. For many people this leads to a heightened capacity to influence the world around you, and more satisfying relations in work, family, partnership and as leaders.
Using time-tested and experientially-based techniques, I will help you develop a crystal clear vision for moving forward, and I'll hold you accountable to that vision, and your goals and values along the way. I'm the missing link, a partner wholly committed to you and your growth.