What Do You Really Want?

I help people who are ready to make a major life shift
turn their dreams into reality so that they feel
empowered, purposeful, and fulfilled.

On our initial - complimentary - call, you'll bring a topic that's dear to you. I'll bring my deep curiosity, palpable listening, practiced intuition and a real desire for you to claim your dreams and embrace your power.
After we decide to work together, we'll customize a package that meets your needs and goals. As a reference, my coaching fees typically start at $250 a month. We'll work out the details together before we dive in.

Usually, I meet with clients three times a month, by phone. While big shifts can - and do! - happen quickly, most of my clients choose to work together for four to six months - or beyond! This gives us enough time to sort through whatever internal obstacles are getting in your way, to realign with your purpose, to clarify where you are going and to start bringing your dreams to life.