Coaching Services

Ready to bridge the gap between your current life and your full potential? 
Let's talk.

You're ready for a big change in your life. Maybe it's a new career, a huge shift in your work, or a desire for greater satisfaction and reward in the work you're already doing. Perhaps it's transforming your relationships - whether long-standing or newly created. You're smart and aware and capable, and yet you're stuck. It happens to everyone. The key is how effectively, powerfully, and gracefully you want to get unstuck.
This is where I come in. I will help you to create the dedicated space you need to listen to what your heart is calling you to do and who it's calling you to be. Using various tools, you'll cultivate the attention and resourcefulness you need to make meaningful changes in service of your fulfillment. I will be your energetic champion and support - to claim what's important, move through obstacles, and embrace your own powerful vision.

Get in touch at marta[at]martaabel[dot]com. We can set up a complimentary call to explore working together, and determine our next steps.  

Editing Services

Have a story, piece, or book that you're working on? 
I can help.

Through deep listening, powerful questions and insights, and substantive editing, I help you identify and develop the most important aspects of your work, refine your voice, and structure the whole she-bang for optimal impact. I weave together my coaching experience, my emotional intelligence training, and my experience as a writer and editor to bring your piece to life. Whether you're hoping for a breakthrough on a stuck project, wanting to reconnect with your vision for writing, or needing accountability and a new perspective, I can help.